We aim to delight our customers with safe and speedy shopping

What is Mardist?


 Mardist is primarily an online shopping company founded in 2010.


 We constantly strive to provide our customers with products that will delight them. Thanks to generous support, we have been hard at work to create an environment that our customers will love.


 Today, we are proud to provide products and services that delight our customers and serve to enrich their lives.


 We also pay considerable attention to conserving our precious environment, without which none of us could live the lives we do.


 We at Mardist thank you for your patronage.


  1. 1.Importing and exporting international and Japanese products
  2. 2.Selling wholesale goods in Japan
  3. 3.Developing and producing original products

Latest Updates

2014-06-03 Mardist begins offering products on Yahoo shopping.

2014-01-31 Mardist begins offering products on Rakuten.Inc.

2011-06-03 Mardist begins offering products on Amazon.co.jp

2010-10-10 Mardist begins offering products on the online shop 「GAME GARDEN

2010-04-01 Mardist is founded